Measurement & Analytics

We’re data scientists

Measurement & Analytics

We’re data scientists

Industry-leading forecasting and trend analysis.

We’re laser-focused on what works. Our methodology includes end-to-end measurement, forecasting, and insights for optimization, attribution, and reporting.

Advanced statistical modeling

Our analysts glean insights by cross-referencing data points, projecting consumer behavior based on statistical probability, and overlaying targeting and campaign objectives. This strategic foundation informs the tactics and value propositions necessary for successful outcomes.

Return on investment forecasting

Predict the Future

We developed the only Forrester-certified Revenue Forecasting Tool in the industry, which predicts traffic and revenue based on current search rankings, keywords, historical performance, and market conditions. These insights help map out the future of your organic search potential and marketing strategy.

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Attribution & Cross-Channel Overlap

The importance of tracking and measuring cross-channel attribution cannot be overstated. It allows us to maximize media investments, drive planning, and support message sequencing across devices.

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