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Pep Boys

Case Study
Content Marketing & Search and Social Advertising

Powerful, engaging social content delivers 716% return on ad spend.

Pep Boys is a full-service, nationwide tire and automotive chain.

The Challenge

Drive Sales

Pep Boys’ characters Manny, Moe & Jack have been around since the 1920s, and still feature heavily in branding. Pep Boys had a mission to use the iconic characters to engage “DIY Proud” customers, deepen their loyalty, and ultimately drive in-store and online sales.

The Execution

Connect with Target Audience

  • Build customer-centric engagement cycle
  • Connect with and motivate car-savvy consumers
  • Develop user-generated content series on social for “Ride of the Month”
  • Identify “Do-It-Yourself Proud” consumers and use robust targeting
  • Produce “connected” social content

The Result

The Most Successful Campaign to Date

“Ride of the Month” averaged a cost-per-engagement 6 times lower than the average for all other engagement campaigns purchased by Pep Boys. It resulted in over 30,000 likes, 1,500 comments and 2,800 shares, making it the highest-engaged post in the page’s history. To date it’s garnered over 3 million total paid impressions, with each individual post reaching an average of over 119,000 unique users.

Using vintage illustrations of Manny, Moe & Jack and other classic memorabilia in our direct response creative — which ran in conjunction with “Ride of the Month” — we were able to decrease cost-per-website visit by more than 40%, increase CTR by more than 18%, and see an astonishing 716% return on ad spend.

Let’s work together

Return on Ad Spend

716% return on ad spend.


Cost per Visit

40% decrease in cost per website visit.

Click Through Rate

18% increase in click through rate.


Connected Content

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